• Storage silos

    Storage silos are intended for collection and storage of loose wastes of biomass. The bunker of "silo" type are produced with panels with thickness 2,5-4 mm, supplied after hot galvanization. The volume of the storaging unit is from 10 till 600 m3. Our company supplies also storage silos with filtering unit, providing air delivery till 190000 m3/h.

    Storage silos
  • Painting and polishing

    Exhaust wall with dry filters for painting provide the correct process of painting, removing airborne paint particles and dust, high quality products. Extractor systems for grinding - is an indispensable equipment in the woodworking, which ensures removal of fine dust dispersed, appearing in polishing.

    Painting and polishing
  • Industrial Ventilation

    Industrial Ventilation
  • Aspiration systems

    Due to aspiration systems the working life of the equipment and toolware is increasing, ecology safety of the enterprise and normal condition of te air inside of the workshop are assured, probability of fire or explosion initiation are decreasing, the quality of product finishing becomes higher etc.

    Aspiration systems
  • Blowers

    Blowers (from lat. means blow) are used for ventilation of the premises, for air supply to the boiler rooms and extraction of fumes and gazes from the boiler rooms, for air supply to the drying kilns,  for cooling of the components of machines and mechanisms, for pneumatic transport of loose and filamentous materials, for assurance of certain technological processes etc.

  • Recycling

    (Recycling) - the reuse or return to the circulation of production waste or garbage.

  • Вакуумные насосы

    Вакуумные насосы
  • Flexible hoses

    Polyurethane flexible hoses are integral and  necessary equipment for almost all the areas of industry. Our company supplies flexible polyurethane sleeves from the italian manufacturer, whose flexible hoses are used worldwide. We propose the wide range of highquality flexible piping at the low price.  

    Flexible hoses
  • Комплектующие



Оборудование для промышленных предприятий

Company Aton service carries out designwork, supply, assembling and commissioning of high-quality energy-efficient equipment for industrial enterprises. Due to a long-term experience we defined for ourselves the main priorities:

High quality and long-lasting period of usage of the supplied equipment;

Selection of the optimal solution for the tasks, assigned by our Partners;

Assurance of ecology safety of the Partner's enterprises;

Adoption of the newest technologies, which allow to economize energy resourses;

Fire safety of the supplied equipment;

Assignment of the technologies, which allow to get benefits from the production wastes.

Company Aton service is the official representative of leading European manufacturers.

Specialists of our company offer you the complex solutions of all the questions concerning aspiration, air heating, ventilation and waste recovery.

Apply to professionals and we will find a high-quality and quickly solution. 



Режим работы Компании в Новогодние и Рождественские праздники
Режим работы Компании в Новогодние и Рождественские праздники

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